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Spring Car AC Maintenance Is Crucial for a Comfortable Summer

It’s time to visit to schedule your car’s spring air conditioner maintenance service. You do not want to be without a functioning air conditioner when summer hits. We will inspect the AC system to make sure everything is okay so you can count on it all summer long. Below are just some of the services that are included in our spring AC check.

Test the Compressor

Because of our fantastic weather, we tend to run our air conditioners in our automobiles more than people do in other places in the country. This actually helps your compressor last longer. This air conditioning part is in charge of compressing and circulating the refrigerant. It works better when it is used all the time. We will test the compressor to make sure it is operating efficiently.

Inspect the Condenser

We will also inspect the condenser for damage because it is located right behind the grille. This location is optimal for air intake to cool the refrigerant but not optimal when it comes to getting damaged or clogged by road debris. We will inspect the condenser thoroughly to make sure it isn’t clogged or hasn’t been damaged. If it needs to be replaced due to damage, we will replace it.

Check the Condenser Fan

The condenser also uses a fan to cool off the refrigerant alongside the air flowing through the grille. We will check the fan to make sure it is working every time you turn on the car’s air conditioner. We will also inspect the fan for damage, again, caused by road debris. If there is a problem with the condenser fan, we will install a new fan so you have cold refrigerant all summer long.

Inspect the Electrical System

We will also inspect the electrical system thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any problems such as blown fuses or frayed wires. Your air conditioner in your automobile relies on the electrical system to generate power so it can run when you turn it on.

Check the Refrigerant Level

Finally, we will check the refrigerant to make sure there is plenty in the AC system. The refrigerant takes on two forms in your air conditioner, one is gas and the other is liquid. The refrigerant can evaporate or leak out of the system. Naturally, this causes reduced refrigerant levels. If your AC system needs to have refrigerant added to it, we will do that.

Hondanis Auto Repair in Orlando, FL, is ready to inspect your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s AC, so call us today for an appointment (407) 486-3755

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